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The way that we raise chickens (described below) means you can expect our eggs to have a superior nutritional profile, taste and texture compared store-bought eggs.  Order here!

  • They are an excellent source of vitamins (A, E), omega-3s and no pesticide residues.

  • They are very very fresh. Once you see the yolk, you'll notice, and once you taste them, you'll never want to go back.

  • We often hear from customers that the eggs rise better. Omelettes rise higher and egg-whites are so voluminous when whipped.  

Our eggs are a mix of large to jumbo sizes (minimum 750g per dozen).  This variety is because we raise a few different breeds of laying hens which produce a variety of colours & sizes of eggs. 

Our chickens

We currently have a flock of 50 healthy hens :) 


Rotating Free Range

The most important part of how we raise our chickens different than conventional chickens is the range. This must contain habitat which the chickens feel secure. Most people picture wide open pasture as the optimum place for a laying hen but this could not be further from the truth. They like being under trees & bushes in order to feel secure from predators & the elements. On top of the preferential habitat, the birds are rotated to new areas routinely. This allows the land to rest and recover, while providing the chickens with new fresh forage to add vitamins and minerals to their eggs! 

Diet & Forage

We feed only certified organic grain from In-Season farms in Abbottsford. The chickens also forage for their own food outside in the grasses, clovers and treed areas they have access to daily, as well as some certified organic fruit+veggie scraps.  As pictured above, we are also experimenting with growing more food on farm to supplement their diet, like sunflower seeds and squash.

Animal treatment

Our chickens are treated ethically and humanely from day 1.  With a low number of chickens, we are able to monitor them to ensure optimal health. We take disease prevention very seriously.  Our chickens get high quality feed, fresh drinking water with a splash of apple cider vinegar, oyster shells (calcium supplement) + grit (helps them digest food in their gizzard.. did you know they don't have a stomach?  Chicken security is also something we take very seriously.  We have invested in a multi-layer protection system from predators... we have perimeter electric fencing, two protective roosters + two farm dogs and a fully secure coop where they sleep every night.  

The coop

Our chickens eat, sleep and lay their eggs in the coop and that's pretty much it!  The rest of their days are spent outside, from dawn to dusk. Our chickens have ample inside coop space (154 sq ft). As well, we provide their coops with certified organic straw bedding, roosts and nestboxes.

Natural behaviour

We get our chickens outside as soon as they are big enough; we make sure they have spots to dust bathe (ie. clean themselves) and ultimately just make sure they are being chickens!  We love seeing their natural behaviour. Our birds scratch, run (hilariously), roost, cackle and cock-a-doodle-doo. 

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