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The Farm

Just off the Lougheed Highway on the way east to Mission you will find Rise Over Run Farm in the Thornhill community of Maple Ridge. We are working towards creating a 4-acre biodiverse and ecologically-sound farm which produces nutrient dense food. In the early years (est. 2016) we are focused on revitalizing the land. In order to do this regeneration we have begun to graze animals (chickens every year, pigs in the first year and sheep in the second year). By rotating animals across the land we will develop the landscape (and soil) for a productive future. One that will allow for fruit and vegetables to grow in harmony with the grazing livestock.  The animals do a good job, but no one animal is perfect so we have spent quite a bit of time manually clearing the land (mostly blackberries).  

The start of ranging the pigs around the property in 2016

Why Rise Over Run??

Thornhill slopes quite heavily down to the Fraser River. We have slopes of 5-20% on our property; which may have led to the land being classified as not fit for farming in the Agricultural Land Inventory. We are committed to using the slope to our advantage. The southwest facing slope provides excellent sun exposure.  We think it will be the perfect place to plant fruit trees and raise chickens in the areas between the trees.  So this is another place we came to our name... the tree rise over our (chicken) runs.

Why Certified Organic?

We believe food should be raised & grown in the best possible way. To us this means many things, but may be best described by the Certified Organic Association of BC...  


"farming promotes the sustainable health and productivity of the ecosystem – soil, plants, animals and people. Organic foods are farmed in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, focusing on soil regeneration, water conservation and animal welfare"

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