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The Farmers

Katie and Josh met at university in Nova Scotia. Katie was studying nutrition and Josh chemistry. Some 5 years later they settled in Vancouver. Their passion for agriculture was driven by Katie's desire to know more about where their food came from and they decided to plunge into farming through the Kwantlen's Richmond Farm School Program. Katie completed 3 years of farming on a half acre incubator plot in Richmond, and started a small farm with three others called Three Feet Below.  Now on a 4-acre property in the Thornhill community of Maple Ridge, they have been working to turn the land into a farm which produces eggs, chickens, fruits and vegetables.


Katie is a nurturer by nature. She loves to help others eat well and live healthy lives. This is what took her into working as a Registered Dietitian.  A few years in, she realized that she not only wanted to talk about food, she wanted to grow and raise food too.  And so her farming career began...


Josh is driven by discovery and a desire to be outdoors. As an environmental chemist he is fond of the environmental processes at work in small-scale agriculture. Constantly seeking new things he keeps the farm on the edge of innovation.


Remi is a Maremma Anatolian cross hailing from Alberta.  He is our livestock guardian dog and protector by nature.  Often up at all hours of the night keeping tabs on the farm.

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