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The 2018 R / R plan

What to expect for available pastured protein in 2018...

We will continue to have certified organic eggs available. We will be welcoming a new batch of laying hens to the farm in May. They will take over our rotating range system, while our veteran hens will be transitioned to the mobile egg-house (known as "The Cradle": follow our FB and Instagram for video updates on that).

We will be doubling the number of certified organic chickens this year. We have enjoyed producing these birds and look forward to more folks trying them. You can order here

After our first year of lamb production we will be raising them again. We will have a few more available and as they were popular last year please let us know if you want to reserve one here.

A word on pricing...

We continue to do cost analyses after every year of production and you might notice a slight increase in some prices of our products. We hope you have been happy with the quality of the products and are excited in the challenge that we have taken on: a small farm producing certified-organic slower-growing breeds. This is a mighty task in todays grocery-store environment, but we hope to be here for the long-haul and we hope you will help us be! We have prepared a bit of information on what goes into each of our livestock which should explain things (check that out here).

Where to find us...

We will have farm pick-up days like in previous years. We will have lots on the go this year and look forward to showing you when you pick up your goods. We are also exploring going to our first ever market. The Haney (Maple Ridge) and Port Coquitlam markets run on Saturday and Thursday, respectively, and we may end up at a few of these later in the summer. We will let you know in upcoming newsletters.

Winter Updates

  • With only the laying hens through the winter the farm was mainly focused on our newest crop (see below) and preparing for the 2018.

  • The farm has helped us get further away from fossil fuels by reducing our natural gas by at least 50% through the winter with use of firewood generated from the land.

  • We somehow made time to pick up a few more hobbies on the farm. These included producing big leaf maple syrup. This was a neat way to produce sweetness from the land. We also started a kombucha culture and have been enjoying the fermented sweetness.

  • And, while not truly for fun, we picked up a Honda ATV to help move the portable chicken homes for this coming year

Getting the word out

We recognize that our chickens are not for everyone but we know that there are customers out there that do value and are able to buy our product. We need to find these people to make our work sustainable. As we double our production this year we will be upping our marketing in order to find these customers. We will have a Youtube channel going this year for you to visually follow along and we will be writing down some of our thoughts more on here. Feel free to follow along and please help us spread the word (share our website or forward this newsletter) if you see fit :)

A picture is worth (farming with a newborn)...​

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